New Jersey School of Fashion Design and Accessories

Classes are held during the school year on Sundays, and are usually three hours long, over a twelve-week period. Each class is $1,550 plus the cost of materials. Special workshops run from two to three hours to two to four days and vary in cost.

The summer program is a comprehensive 7-week program that begins on June 25th and runs through August 8th. In the morning, all students take foundation classes in Drawing and Principles of Art and Design, Footwear, Millinery and Fashin Design. The jewelry component of the program will provide an introduction to fundamental jewlery making tools and techniques where students learn skills such as sawing, filing, sanding, ploishing and soldering by completing a pair of earrings, a pendant bracelet and a ring. A pearl-stringing class will also be taught, along with wax carving, enameling and granulation. Advanced techniques and design will be examined through discussion and demonstration. Students may choose to take Essay Writing for College Application and Portfolio Building classes where applicable. Tuition is $5,500 plus materials. The student/faculty ratio is 4:1.

A free introductory lesson and personal interview is available by appointment.